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Architecture Tours

Rick Evans was the first independent tour guide to develop an audio walk on Detour, after discovering that Detour was a great way to manage the overflow demand for his downtown architecture tours.

Like Rick, you know all the people, places and stories, and how design creates the fabric of your city’s character. But producing an audio tour can seem intimidating. We're here to help you craft that knowledge into an immersive audio walk that lets you share your stories more widely.


Tips to get started

  • How do you give a person helpful instructions to find their way if you're not with them?  Refer to our Navigation Guide for tips on good navigation support — or have us build the entire skeleton with navigation cues through our Route Outline Service.
  • Having the tools to understand and engage with the physical world often leads to the most memorable moments of an audio walk. Every tour should have 2-3 of these interactive moments. Hear Jen Masengarb from the Chicago Architecture Foundation give listeners some clues.
  • For all things sound related, we offer recording and editing tips in our Platform Guide and sophisticated audio production tools.
  • We know most tour leaders could use a little help with sound design, voice over recording and editing, and probably with sourcing music and sound effects. Our Content Services are delivered by the same professional team that develop our Detours — you decide which ones you need.

We're here to help turn your passion for your city and the knowledge you've built up over years into a new way to expand operations and reach more travelers.