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Art and Culture Tours

Since we launched Detour platform, artists have come to us with creative projects that involve location-based audio delivered on people's phones. Beginning with a musical soundscape in the woods around Williams College, our platform's multi-track real time audio engine with location awareness has inspired creatives to deliver their work in a new format and to inspire us by using our platform in ways we hadn't imagined.

The artist brings the vision and the work - but how does a poet or a composer initiate their project on Detour?


Tips to get started

  • High quality sound is important. If sound is not your medium, then check out our documentation on Multitrack Sound Design for tips. We also offer professional voice, sound design and narration services if you want that extra polish. See our Content Services for more information.

  • You're probably used to performing in person, or recording your projects for people to listen to at home. Guiding listeners through a physical space when you're not there creates new challenges you might not have thought about. We've created a Navigation Guide to help you get started, and we also offer Route Online creation for customized support.

  • In her Detour Project for the Queens Council on the Arts, Emily Oliver guides listeners on A Poetry Walk through Jackson Heights — with poetry as the sonic landscape for the spaces in the neighborhood.

  • We helped Emily add audio cues to encourage listeners to pause, step out of the way, find a place to stand etc. Part of the magic of Detour for the listeners is ceding some control to the person who is leading them — we're here to make sure you're giving them the cues they need to enjoy the experience.