Detour Platform Features


Detour Platform is the result of countless hours of design, engineering and feedback.
Here's just a partial list of what it can do.


Detour for Visitors

Surface Relevant Content
Allow visitors to surface relevant content based on their location, search or in fully guided mode. 

Create Any Kind of Tour
Immersive audio walks, individual audio messages (stops), playlists or any combination for a comprehensive guide

Use All Media Formats
Combine any kind of digital media format; audio, audio description, video, text transcripts.

Group Audio Sync
Taking a Detour is a social experience. Wirelessly sync with friends and hear the same thing at the same time.

Social Media Integration
Take pictures or video inside the app and share directly to social networks.

Multi-Track, Real Time Audio
Voice over, music and ambience tracks are mixed in real time to create a seamless audio experience.

Detour for Publishers

Simple and Powerful Tools
Descript, our Mac app for content producers, combines mapping, writing, and audio production into one tool that makes content creation dramatically easier and faster.
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Content Services
Comprehensive content development services to fill in the gaps. No need to pay for a full audio tour if you just need help with voice over or sound design.
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One-Click Cloud Publishing
Our web-based CMS, Decentral, lets you manage metadata and publish your tour in one convenient place. Built-in version control means you can always revert to an earlier revision if there's a problem.

Rapid Design and Iteration
The only platform that allows full deployment within minutes of signing up and 24x7 live testing and collaboration support.

Indoor Positioning Support
As the first developer to deploy Apple Indoor Positioning, we can support you through the process.
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Rental Devices
Make rental device fleet management simpler with features like pre-downloaded content and automatic updates.

Why Publish on a Platform?

Visitor-Focused Design
Detour is designed and built by consumer app developers. Let us focus on the best place to put the start button, while you focus on the content.

Always Current
A stand alone white label app will begin to date the day you publish in the app store. On a platform, you will always have the latest technologies available.

Always Improving
As a user platform, Detour is in continuous use so we can draw on a lot of experience. We implement improvements in each iteration and rapidly deploy upgrades and fixes.

The First BYOD Success
BYOD is 50%+ at sites on Detour. For the first time, BYOD looks promising as a meaningful way to reduce cost and operational complexity.

A Platform with Scale
Be part of a legitimate platform with hundreds of thousands of users, integration with Airbnb trips.

Premium Content
Your content side by side with Detour and our other leading content producers like Radiolab, Ken Burns and KQED.

In-App Marketing
Benefit from Detour's in-app marketing features like Walk Now, which highlights the nearest tours, and promotional placement on the Home tab for featured content.