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Food and Drink Tours

Food and drink tours are an amazing way to get to know a city. Walking around a neighborhood with a passionate local host, shopping in local markets and visiting restaurants to sample special menu items are some of the ways a food and drink tour helps connect travelers to the culinary traditions of a city.

At Detour, we learned early on that deep local history, understanding the market suppliers and developing local connections are the most time consuming part of audio walk development — and one of the things we can't solve through technology alone.

But creating a self-guided audio tour from your independent operation can seem intimidating. We're here to help.


Tips to get started

  • Scripting a self-guided experience is different from leading a tour. Three blocks is nothing when ther's a group conversation - but when people are on their own they need to stay engaged with something else. We can help you structure and pace a tour that maintains momentum with our Tour Scripting Service.

  • You've been introducing people to your suppliers for years but how do you create an interactive tour experience when you’re not there?  Here's some inspiration from our El Born food tour on guiding listeners into restaurants for tastings.

  • How do you give a person helpful instructions to find their way if you're not with them?  Refer to our navigation guide for tips on good navigation support — or have us build the entire skeleton with navigation cues through our Route Outline Service.
  • For all things sound related, we offer recording and editing tips in our Platform Guide and sophisticated audio production tools. We also know that most tour leaders could use a little help with sound design, voice over recording and editing, and probably with sourcing music and sound effects.  We offer all of those services, delivered by the same professional team that develop our Detours — you decide which ones you need. See our Content Services.

At Detour, we're here to help turn your local knowledge and the relationships you've built over years into new ways to reach travelers.