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Main Street Tours

In every town and neighborhood, there are stories locals want to share and visitors want to hear. Stories that illuminate the historic context of a neighborhood, the complex fabric of its communities, or simply help people connect with what's happening today.

We are inspired by the stories and the storytellers. Deep local knowledge and connections to community are the unique, essential and impossible-to-scale parts of a great audio walk. You already have that down.

How do you take the first steps to turning your town's place in the free speech movement, an unsolved mystery, or your county's flower markets into an immersive audio walk that becomes a must-do activity for visitors?  


Tips to get started

  • The best audio walks combine story, place and storyteller in a strong, cohesive narrative. Check out How to Write a Detour and start sketching out your ideas.  

  • If you need more help, we can take your story idea and with a little consultation develop the framework for a full tour. See Zero to Tour.

  • Listeners describe Detours as 'magical' experiences. We tend to agree. When the pacing is perfect and the sounds trigger at just the right moment it feels as though you're part of a movie. That magic comes from knowing how to use the technology well. Learn how to define a path and set audio trigger points in our Path Drawing Guide or try our Route Outline and On-Location Testing services.

El Raval: Women of the Skate World Mecca project in Descript, showing route path outline with trigger points and scripting area.

El Raval: Women of the Skate World Mecca project in Descript, showing route path outline with trigger points and scripting area.

  • Access to hidden spaces and unexpected interactions in familiar places are the 'highs' of an audio walk. Every tour should have 2-3 of these interactive, wow moments. Hear how our guide takes listeners through a public but unknown doorway into the Vatican:
  • For all things sound related, we offer recording and editing tips in our Platform Guide and sophisticated audio production tools.
  • Most new producers could use a little help with sound design, voice over recording and editing, and probably with sourcing music and sound effects. Our Content Services are delivered by the same professional team that develop our Detours - you decide which ones you need. See Content Services 

Detour Platform is for everyone with a story to tell who could use a little help with the technical details. For all the bloggers and historical societies, libraries and city halls, DMOs, state tourism agencies and business improvement districts (BID)s, entrepreneurs and all the people who simply want to share their local stories.