Full Service Sound Design

what you do

  • Hand over your Descript file with completed script.
  • Select a narrator for your tour from the curated list that we'll send you.
  • Identify 5 places on your tour where you'd like to implement sound effects.
  • Complete our sound effects questionnaire to tell us what you wish your sound design moments to accomplish in your tour. 
  • Tell us what your preference for background ambiance is, based on a palate of options.
  • Complete our music questionnaire, which includes identifying places where you want music (such as stops or important story moments), what genre of music you'd like, and examples of tracks to create a " musical mood board".
  • Include your script for a 1 minute audio preview. (Required for publication.)

What we do

  • We consult with you to determine what kind of voice best matches your tour. 
  • We source a selection of narrator options and send you auditions to choose from.
  • We record your script using our professional Voice Over directors and top-quality studio recording equipment.
  • Then we clean up any stumbles or pops in the recording, EQ the files, and edit the narration into your Tour file.
  • We will also record and edit a 1 minute audio preview.
  • And we'll record our well-honed Future Proofing Narration Guide - a collection of navigational instructions, frequently needed pick-ups and miscellaneous statements designed to help you make updates to your tour in the future without having to re-record.
  • Our sound designers select sound effects and build custom designed moments based on your questionnaire.
  • Our sound designers will select a list of music tracks based on your music questionnaire and mood board.  We'll add music to your key identified moments as well as background tracks to keep your tour moving - for instance, during walking segments.
  • We'll completely sound design your tour, including an "ambiance track" to create realistic background sounds which enhance the audio experience and keeps the user fully engaged.
  • We'll do a full mix pass on your tour to ensure proper levels on all the audio elements.
  • We'll record, edit, and sound design your audio preview file.


What you get

  • A fully sound designed Detour, complete with narration, sound effects, ambiance and music. Ready for publication.
  • A fully sound designed audio preview file.
  • Full licensing for all music tracks and effects provided by Detour for use in your tour.
  • Recorded voice over of our Future Proofing Narration Guide.
  • One editorial pass to review your tour and request changes to sound design or voice overediting.
  • One Voice Over pick up session, including voice over direction, and audio editing to incorporate pick ups at a rate of $900 per 1 hour pick-up session.