On-Location Testing

On location testing is a custom service where we take your Tour for a real-world test with an experienced Detour producer.  

We provide on-the-ground feedback on navigation, visual cues, script structure, pin placement, and help take your Tour to the next level. 

This service is best utilized before voice over recording, but is incredibly helpful at any stage of production.  

  • During the early stages of production we will help optimize your route, adjust pin placement, troubleshoot navigation language, and create dynamic experiential elements.  

  • During the later stages of production we will fix and adjust navigation language and pin placement, offer editorial advice on your script or how your content is delivered, and help you make the most of your stops and experiential elements.

On location testing is priced per Tour, depending on factors including location, length, and complexity.  Our goal is to deliver the most value for the most efficient price, and leave you with the best possible Tour.

Contact us for an estimate and more information.