Pre-Publish Review

What you do:

  • Up to a 60 Minute Tour
  • Additional Tour length at $2 per Tour minute
  • Send us your *Descript file, with any concerns that you’d like help with.   

  • This service works best near the end of your production, after you’ve tested your Tour in the Detour App, and before or after recording your voice over.   

*Descript is the application you will use to create your tour, you'll receive it for free as part of your subscription to the Detour Platform.  

What we do:

  • We review your Tour and give you feedback on anything that might prevent your tour from being as good as it can be.  This includes technical feedback on your route, pin placement, navigation language, and advice on how to make the most out of your stops.

    • If you send us your Tour with voice over, music, SFX, or ambiance we’ll give you feedback on quality and implementation.

    • If you send us your Tour without voice over we’ll give you feedback on language and structure, and thoughts on how to optimize your soundtrack.


What you get:

  • Feedback from an experienced Detour producer, help sidestepping common errors and miscalculations, and notes on how to optimize your tour.

  • One follow up email to answer any additional questions.