Voice Over Integration

What you do

  • Record your narrator using the guidelines in our Working with Voice Over documentation.
    • Our documentation provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions for how to format your script for recording, direct your narrator, record audio, and take notes.  Our sound engineers need clear notes in order to properly edit your audio.
  • Send us the audio files and notes that go along with your recording session.
  • Include audio for a 1 minute

What we do

  • Format, EQ, and optimize your audio files for the best quality.
  • Edit your audio to remove stumbles and pops.
  • Integrate your voice over to your Detour.
  • Edit and format a 1 minute audio preview. (Required for publication.)

what you get

  • A Tour file with complete narration.
  • 1 minute audio preview.
  • One editorial pass to request changes.
  • One editorial pass to incorporate pick-ups at $350 per 30 minutes additional audio.