Zero to Tour

What you do:

  • Decide what you want to talk about on your Tour.  Send us at least 3 lines describing your Tour and the content you intend to deliver.  The more information we have, the more we can help.

  • Tell us where you want your Tour.  Identify where you’d like to start, and end, and the stops you’d like in-between.

    • Stops are points on your Tour where you want the user to stop walking for more than a few seconds.  These can be places where you want to point out something visual, like a building or a sculpture, or they can be a spot where you’d like to send someone inside a location.

    • TIP: Keep your stops close - you want 2 to 3 blocks between each stop.  (The ideal walking route won’t be longer than 1.5 miles. If your route involves something other than walking we'll help you work that out.)

  • Maximum of 5 stops in addition to the start and end points.  

  • Share anything else you have with us - a *Descript file, a Google MyMap, treatment, script, post-it notes, etc.  *Descript is the application you will use to create your tour, you'll receive it for free as part of your subscription to the Detour Platform.  


What we do:

  • We take everything you tell us and turn it into a complete outline for your Tour.

What you get:

  • A Descript file with a complete route, pins for navigation and all your stops, and navigation language.

  • A framework in Descript for the structure of your story, or guidelines for where to best deliver your content, depending on the kind of Tour you are producing.

  • Advice on how to write the script for your Tour, based on the kind of Tour you are producing.

  • Two follow up emails to answer any questions.

  • One revision to pin placement, stops, and navigation, should you decide to make changes to your Tour.

  • We prepare your Tour for testing in the Detour App so you can take it out and walk it.

  • We send you off with instructions for what to do next!