Full Service Voice Over

What you do

  • Hand over your Descript file with completed script, and a script for a 1 minute Audio Preview.
  • Select a narrator for your tour from the curated list that we'll send you.

what we do

  • We consult with you to determine what kind of voice best matches your tour. 
  • We source a selection of narrator options and send you auditions to choose from.
  • We record your script using our professional Voice Over directors and top-quality studio recording equipment.
  • Then we clean up any stumbles or pops in the recording, EQ the files, and edit the narration into your Descript file.
  • We will also record and edit a 1 minute audio preview. (Required for publication.)
  • And we'll record our well-honed Future Proofing Narration Guide - a collection of navigational instructions, frequently needed pick-ups and miscellaneous statements designed to help you make updates to your tour in the future without having to re-record.

what you get

  • A tour complete with clean and crisp narration.
  • Narration edited for a 1 minute audio preview file.
  • Recorded voice over of our Future Proofing Narration Guide.
  • One editorial pass to review your tour with voice over and request changes.
  • One Voice Over pick up session, including voice over direction, and audio editing to incorporate pick ups at a rate of $900 per 1 hour pick-up session.