Tour Production Services


Producing an audio tour can seem intimidating. But sometimes all you need is a little support.  Want some help with voice over production, sound design or navigation cues? Our Content Services can fill in the gaps so you can focus on turning your project into an amazing audio tour experience. 


Telling your story

You've drawn your path, and you know what story you want to tell, or what you'd like to talk about, but you’re not quite sure how to begin.  

Consult with an experienced Detour producer and we'll help you build a framework for your story and get you writing.

$149 per hour consult

Script Review

You have a draft, now take it to the next level.

You've written a script and you want detailed notes from an experienced Detour editor.  We'll give you advice on how to improve your script and create an immersive audio experience.

$199 per 60 tour minutes

Pre-Publish Review

You have a fully formed tour, but before you publish you want to make sure your tour is in the best possible shape.

Have an experienced Detour editor review your tour for the most common and problematic missteps, identify spots for optimization, and help you fix them.

$199 per 60 tour minutes

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Zero to Tour

You have a great story to tell, and a great place to show off, but don't know how to build the best tour. We'll give you the step-by-step framework to create a location-aware script.

You give us a 3 line description of your tour and a maximum of 5 stops.

We’ll give you back the framework for your tour including a complete route outline with navigation instructions and a detailed breakdown of how to structure your script, with specific guidance for each section and expert storytelling advice.  All you have to do is fill in the words!

$999 per tour

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Route Outline

One of the trickiest parts of creating a Detour is getting all the pins in the right place and writing clear navigation language. With this add-on we'll do the hard part for you.

You give us a Google MyMap with a start and end point, and a route between 5 stops that you’d like to highlight or create an experience around.

We turn your map into a Descript project with a path, pins, and basic navigation instructions.

You test your new tour and make any adjustments you feel are necessary.

$299 per tour (up to1.5 miles)

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On-Location Testing

Have a Detour specialist test your route, improve pin placement and navigation instructions, and provide detailed feedback to optimize the experience of your Tour.

You give us a completed tour and we'll send an experienced tour specialist onsite to walk the path, check the audio timing and triggering in detail and help you work out the kinks.

Custom pricing, contact us for info

Voice Over Integration

You've recorded all your Voice Over but want someone else to import it and align it to your script.  We've got you covered! Plus we'll put your VO through the spin cycle and hand you back crisp and clean narration.

You give us your recorded narration, we'll master it and integrate it into your tour.

$750 per 60 min Tour

Full Service Voice Over

We set you up with a VO studio and help you format your script for recording.  (And give you some tips for getting the most out of your session!)  We'll then master your audio tracks to ensure the best sounding audio for your tour.

Then we'll integrate your VO into your tour and hand it back to you ready to walk!

$950 per 60 min Tour

Find Me A Narrator

Need help finding a voice for your tour?  Answer a few basic questions about who you're looking for and we'll curate a list of narrator options and send you samples.

$199 per tour

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Music Library Access

Gain access to thousands of rights-free music tracks across hundreds of genres, and pick your own tracks to score your tour.   

$599 per tour

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Full Service Sound Design

Give your Detour cinematic production quality with our professional music scoring services.

You give us an audio "mood board" and we'll find the best music, sound effects, and ambiance and return your tour fully scored. This service also includes the licensing rights to all the music and ambiance tracks we use to score your tour, and a polish pass on your voice over tracks.

$1150 per 60 tour minutes