Detour and SFMOMA

Our collaboration with SFMOMA led to a location-aware audio experience that quickly became the new standard for museum audio tours. Detour engineered the first museum deployment of Apple’s indoor positioning platform and the result was praised by WIRED magazine as an app that "will forever change how you enjoy museums."

Built on the Detour Platform, the SFMOMA experience includes a collection of immersive audio walks guided by Errol Morris, Philippe Petit, Marina Gorbis, 99% Invisible’s Avery Trufelman, and Silicon Valley’s Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani, offering voices that reflect the different relationships that visitors have with art. The walks guide visitors on an intimate journey through the museum as audio is mixed in real time for a highly immersive feel.

Visitors can also access hundreds of short audio reflections that surface in the app as the they wander the galleries and see paintings that spark their curiosity.

Our collaboration continues to break new ground today by winning all the major industry and consumer awards in 2017 and shattering previous BYOD records for museums.